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But what do you know? On my first attempt to clear that parking-entrance turn, the Strada was through. No need to rock back and forth. And certainly no need to amuse, or bore, the drivers behind me. What we have here, clearly, is a pickup with a turning radius so small ( meters, to be exact), it won't feel awkward inside drive-thru lanes or motel garages.

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The Parisian Woman , for which Thurman is in previews now, is a 2013 political drama by the  House of Cards creator. Directed by Pam MacKinnon ( Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf?), it   is set in . and follows socialite Chloe (Thurman), who must come to terms with her politics, her past and her personal life. The show officially opens November 30.

Dropdead - UntitledDropdead - UntitledDropdead - UntitledDropdead - Untitled